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Doctor Watson?

Should I Say Watson supercomputer? or Should I say Doctor Watson now, not to be confused with a character in Sherlock Holmes, recently a computer did what doctors failed to do, a computer identified Unknown illness a Japanese women had, this illness was a rare type of leukemia, the Japanese Doctors were Stumped, until Watson one of the Smallest Super computers the world built by IBM helped them, Watson is famous for going on the USA Quiz show Jeopardy 2011.

"After treatment for a woman suffering from leukemia proved ineffective, a team of Japanese doctors turned to IBM’s Watson for help, which was able to successfully determine that she actually suffered from a different, rare form of leukemia than the doctors had originally believed.

Watson managed to make its diagnosis after doctors from the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science was fed it the patient’s genetic data, which was then compared to information from 20 million oncological studies.

This analysis found a different diagnosis for the type of leukemia from which the patient suffered, and it suggested a different form of treatment, which proved far more effective than the original methods doctors had been using up to that point."

This is so cool people should the use power of Watson more to solve problems that can change the world, this opens a window on to the future where computers help in the diagnosis of illnesses, but I hope Computer don't replace Doctors completely.

mote Information

data storage that could record the history of humankind

Do you want to keep 360tb for life on a glass disc, backup entire libraries of data or more, with no damage over age and with thermal stability up to 1,000°C, well now you can, scientists at Southampton university have made a major step in making something that sounds like it came from science fiction into reality.

below are quotes from Southampton university's website about the project and can be found at

"The storage allows unprecedented properties including 360 TB/disc data capacity, thermal stability up to 1,000°C and virtually unlimited lifetime at room temperature (13.8 billion years at 190°C ) opening a new era of eternal data archiving. As a very stable and safe form of portable memory, the technology could be highly useful for organisations with big archives, such as national archives, museums and libraries, to preserve their information and records."

"Now, major documents from human history such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Newton’s Opticks, Magna Carta and Kings James Bible, have been saved as digital copies that could survive the human race. A copy of the UDHR encoded to 5D data storage was recently presented to UNESCO by the ORC at the International Year of Light (IYL) closing ceremony in Mexico."

The documents were recorded using ultrafast laser, producing extremely short and intense pulses of light. The file is written in three layers of nanostructured dots separated by five micrometres (one millionth of a metre). The self-assembled nanostructures change the way light travels through glass, modifying polarisation of light that can then be read by combination of optical microscope and a polariser, similar to that found in Polaroid sunglasses"

Professor Peter Kazansky, from the ORC, says: “It is thrilling to think that we have created the technology to preserve documents and information and store it in space for future generations. This technology can secure the last evidence of our civilisation: all we’ve learnt will not be forgotten.”

below is a video shows a disc being made using an laser

more about the project can be found at

parents guide to text lingo

As people use more and more text speak these days parents, grandparents,  teaches and other people working in kids or youth work should know what these terms means because kids are using them and as a person who have kids/youth in your charge you need to keep kids/youth safe

Below is the Top 50 Most Popular Text Terms found on netlingo, most of these on the whole seem safe, but there are some even on on this list that maybe are not ttp://

1. 2moro - Tomorrow
2. 2nite - Tonight
3. BRB - Be Right Back
4. BTW - By The Way -or- Bring The Wheelchair
5. B4N - Bye For Now
6. BCNU - Be Seeing You
7. BFF - Best Friends Forever -or- Best Friend's Funeral
8. CYA - Cover Your Ass -or- See Ya
9. DBEYR - Don't Believe Everything You Read
10. DILLIGAS - Do I Look Like I Give A Sh**
11. FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation
12. FWIW - For What It's Worth -or- Forgot Where I Was
13. GR8 - Great
14. ILY - I Love You 15. IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
16. IRL - In Real Life
17. ISO - In Search Of
18. J/K - Just Kidding
19. L8R - Later
20. LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off
21. LOL - Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots Of Love -or- Living On Lipitor
22. LYLAS - Love You Like A Sister
23. MHOTY - My Hat's Off To You
24. NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard
25. NP - No Problem -or- Nosy Parents
26. NUB - New person to a site or game
27. OIC - Oh, I See
28. OMG - Oh My God
29. OT - Off Topic
30. POV - Point Of View
31. RBTL - Read Between The Lines
32. ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
33. RT - Real Time -or- ReTweet
34. THX or TX or THKS - Thanks
35. SH - Sh** Happens
36. SITD - Still In The Dark
37. SOL - Sh** Out of Luck -or- Sooner Or Later
38. STBY - Sucks To Be You
39. SWAK - Sealed (or Sent) With A Kiss
40. TFH - Thread From Hell
41. RTM or RTFM - Read The Manual -or- Read The F***ing Manual
42. TLC - Tender Loving Care
43. TMI - Too Much Information
44. TTYL - Talk To You Later -or- Type To You Later
45. TYVM - Thank You Very Much
46. VBG - Very Big Grin
47. WEG - Wicked Evil Grin
48. WTF - What The F***
49. WYWH - Wish You Were Here
50. XOXO - Hugs and Kisses

most would say "what is wrong with these they seen harmless to me", yes, but there is also on NetLingo an extended list some of the terms on this list parents need to know as kids these days are using them, some of the terms are very shocking, check these terms out and check your kids phones and devices

more text terms and parents advice can be found in a article called "Internet Terms and Acronyms Parents MUST Know" this can be found here

open source laptop

Do you want to build your own laptop well now you can, two Singapore-based engineers made a open source laptop called the Novena this laptop can come already made in a case, or yuor can just buy the hardware and bulid your own case with laser cutting, 3d printers, etc.

On the Ben heck Show on Youtube, he built a laptop using the Novena open source laptop mother board, below is a series of videos of the build, on part 1 of the series there is a interview with the creators of the Novena enjoy

for more information check out the following articles below

for more Ben Heck videos check his youtube channel, he makes of interesting projects

below is a video about the Novena by the creators of Novena so you can see why they built Novena and what it can do

Microsoft Surface and Surface 3 Pro

cool Microsoft surface adverts